Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold wind blowing

Summer is here. Time to loose the jacket and head for the fields, (or Central Park anyway). Although it is 60 degrees and sunny a 1:30 it gets chilly later and this is a great opportunity to catch a cold. The latest thing circulating is a head and chest flu. Early signs are stiff neck and shoulders with a scratchy throat. If the only symptoms are eyes and nose related you may be suffering from seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies may require stronger herbs, however symptomatic relief can come from strong Mint Tea. In china town you can pick up some dried peppermint (BO HE) at a good price.
A home remedy for the beginnings of a common cold is: 6 -7, 50 cent size slices if fresh ginger steeped in hot water (like you are making a cup of tea) for 10 mins. The ginger will help you to sweat. After it has steeped, you can add honey ( to soother you throat and to make the ginger less spicy) and a 1/4 lemon to support Lung Qi (to be explained at a later time). While you are using this remedy, stay home and rest. This can be repeated 3 or 4 times throughout the day.
Feel better!
Any questions?

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